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Whazz up homies:D. I really have nothing to talk about and I really dont feel like doing this since I just got back home after leaving Saturday morning. Im so tired but i gotta get my lazy butt to do this:P. Since I have to do this I guess Ill discuss people writing just plain rude comments and trolling. It just annoys me when people just come on this site and just try to be smarty pants,talk trash,and talk crap. I know I trolled a bit like on pros site but…… It was pretty funny in my opinionXD. Sarcasim is good and all but dont make yourself look like a jerk.:P If you wanna say something that may make people wanna beat you down and delete your comment make it funny atleastXD. I really don’t feel like deleting more comments:P.

Now its time for…………………..

~Awesome Amazing terrific spectacular most incredible question ever:D!~

Bet you didnt know I knew all those words pretty impressive huh:D.

Why is it everytime someone gets in a fight honda always gets trashed?

Just wandering guys:) cause curiosity saved a Bounce and stop stalkers like X 😀

(X=Xander for all who dont know already cause well i dont know how you wouldnt knowXD)

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MLG pro is back baby:D

Whazz up homies:D.Now i been thinking about this an others really got me into deep thought. I now im retired but now im rejoining snp again:D. Chezzits will be leaving battlefront and continuing in MW2 and soon other  games. Hope you enjoy having the biggest,baddest,and awesomest noob back>;). Now for all of you who think ive been different thats because i had freedom to not take your crap,only goes for those who say crap. Sadly now i wont have that option since i wont cause mor eproblems for my home^^. So if you got crap to say and you say it all im going to tell you is just STFU:P.Hope to see you online.

“Cheezits vs Waffles? Thats like comparing Jackie Chan to Brue Lee.”


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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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